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PTSD and Horses 

 PTSD - soldiers or vets - Are you struggling with life? Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Have you tried other avenues in order to cope with your symptoms, but not finding relief?  Do you feel the need to be alone but not alone - to be around others who understand?  

​We don't have professional therapists, we don't have a "program", we have no affiliation with the military or VA, We don't have training other than life experience.  We don't claim to "fix" you, there's no magic pill or therapy that will rewire your thoughts. 

What DO we offer then?

We offer exactly what you see.  A beautiful sanctuary, with horses, sunshine, birds, wind, trees, and a safe place to relax away from society.   You won't have to talk to anyone, unless you want to.  Let us teach you how to care for horses, and how they can help you heal. 

What do we ask of you?  Only that you respect the sanctuary we provide for you and your battle buddies.  For free...